Pregnant by the Playboy (Fong Brothers #1)

06 June 2020 | By Jackie Lau | Filed in: canada.

I ve got a pretty great life, if I do say so myself I made a fortune when I sold my tech start up, and I ve spent the years since partying, drinking, and inviting a parade of women into my bed n nI should be happy, but I feel an annoying lack of fulfillment, and there s no way I m going back to the

my yt mama

06 June 2020 | By Mercedes Eng | Filed in: canada.

In the follow up to her BC Book Prize winning book of poetry, Prison Industrial Complex Explodes, Mercedes Eng continues her poetic investigation of racism and colonialism in Canada, weaponizing the language of the nation state against itself in the service of social justice n nmy yt mama is a collec

The Subtweet

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Everyone talks about falling in love, but falling in friendship can be just as captivating When Neela Devaki s song is covered by internet famous artist Rukmini, the two musicians meet and a transformative friendship begins But as Rukmini s star rises and Neela s stagnates, jealousy and self doubt

No Going Back (Nora Watts, #3)

06 June 2020 | By Sheena Kamal | Filed in: canada.

A Paperback Original Also Available as a Hardcover Library Edition n nFrom Strand Critics Award winner Sheena Kamal, comes the third novel featuring the brilliant, fearless, deeply flawed Nora Watts whose vendetta against a triad enforcer escalates when he places a target on her daughter s back n nFind

Music for Tigers

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Shipped halfway around the world to spend the summer with her mom s eccentric Australian relatives, middle schooler and passionate violinist Louisa is prepared to be resentful But life at the family s remote camp in the Tasmanian rainforest is intriguing, to say the least There are pig footed band

One Good Reason: A Memoir of Addiction and Recovery, Music and Love

06 June 2020 | By Séan McCann | Filed in: canada.

In this deeply personal memoir, co written with wife Andrea Aragon, singer songwriter and renowned mental health, addiction, and recovery advocate S an McCann leaves no stone unturned Detailing, in powerful and lyrical prose, a childhood in Newfoundland indoctrinated in strict Catholic faith, the c

The Glass Hotel

06 June 2020 | By Emily St. John Mandel | Filed in: canada.

From the award winning author of Station Eleven, a captivating novel of money, beauty, white collar crime, ghosts, and moral compromise in which a woman disappears from a container ship off the coast of Mauritania and a massive Ponzi scheme implodes in New York, dragging countless fortunes with it.

The Testaments

06 June 2020 | By Margaret Atwood | Filed in: canada.

When the van door slammed on Offred s future at the end of The Handmaid s Tale, readers had no way of telling what lay ahead for her freedom, prison or death n nWith The Testaments, the wait is over n nMargaret Atwood s sequel picks up the story than fifteen years after Offred stepped into the u

Sorry I Missed You

06 June 2020 | By Suzy Krause | Filed in: canada.

A poignant and heartwarming novel about friendship, ghosting, and searching for answers to life s mysteries n nWhen Mackenzie, Sunna, and Maude move into a converted rental house, they are strangers with only one thing in common important people in their lives have ghosted them Mackenzie s sister,

Someone We Know

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Maybe you don t know your neighbors as well as you thought you did n n This is a very difficult letter to write I hope you will not hate us too much My son broke into your home recently while you were out n nIn a quiet, leafy suburb in upstate New York, a teenager has been sneaking into

I'm Thinking of Ending Things

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You will be scared But you won t know why n nI m thinking of ending things Once this thought arrives, it stays It sticks It lingers It s always there Always n nJake once said, Sometimes a thought is closer to truth, to reality, than an action You can say anything, you can do anything, but you

Kingdom of the Blind (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #14)

06 June 2020 | By Louise Penny | Filed in: canada.

When a peculiar letter arrives inviting Armand Gamache to an abandoned farmhouse, the former head of the S ret du Qu bec discovers that a complete stranger has named him one of the executors of her will Still on suspension, and frankly curious, Gamache accepts and soon learns that the other two ex